Get More & List for Less with Purple Porch Properties - Your High Quality, Low Commission Real Estate Broker in Sturbridge, MA

Q: How much do I really pay to Purple Porch Properties, Inc.?

Purple Porch Properties, Inc. is your high-quality, low-commission real estate broker in Sturbridge, MA. We only charge a 1% fee to list your home while providing full brokerage services! We recommend offering a 2% Buyer’s Agent fee for buyers who have representation. Your total fee is then 3%. Get full service, pay less commission, and save money!

Q: What if the buyers are not represented by a real estate agent or Realtor®?

A: If that is the case, then Purple Porch Properties, Inc is willing to manage both parties in the transaction. You would have to agree in writing to this concept of “Dual Agency” whereby Purple Porch Properties, Inc. is representing both parties. Your total fee = 3%. We charge 1.5% on the selling side and will charge 1.5% to assist the buyer’s in your transaction. You pay a total commission of 3%. That’s even less than than 3.5%!

Q: Is there a minimum commission fee charged in any sale?

A: Yes. Purple Porch Properties, Inc. charges 1.5% for listing services or $4,000- whichever is GREATER. Example: Your home sells for $200,000, rather than paying 1.5% ($3,000) you would pay the minimum rate at that point of $4,000. (This does not include the recommended 2% offered to a buyer’s agent) Don’t forget, you’re getting full service representation, professional photos, open houses and much more!

Q: What if I'm in a minimum fee situation and the buyers aren't represented by an agent or Realtor®?

A: In the case where your selling price calls for the minimum and there is no agent representing the buyer, Purple Porch Properties, Inc will charge the $4,000 minimum fee plus 1.5% of the sale price for representing both parties. So you would pay $4,000 minimum + 1.5% of $200,000 ($3,000) fee to represent both parties. Total fee paid = $7,000. Traditional model at 5% you pay $10,000. GO PURPLE! SAVE GREEN!

Q: You list for less… but is professional photography really included?

A: Absolutely! A true professional will come to your home with lighting and equipment to take interior and exterior photos of your home. They will look amazing!

Q: Do I really get full representation?

A: You better believe it! Purple Porch Properties, Inc. provides 100% full representation and listing services from list to close.   You should expect nothing less. We are a high quality, low commission real estate broker in Sturbridge, MA.

Q: Will my home be listed in the MLS?

A: Absolutely! Your property will be listed with the MLS which also feeds, Zillow, Trulia & many other popular and relevant sites.

Q: What areas will Purple Porch Properties, Inc. list houses?

A: We are located in Sturbridge and will service an approximate 30 mile radius. Contact us with special requests though.

Q: Will Purple Porch Properties, Inc conduct open houses?

A: Absolutely! We will do open houses as part of our plan to sell your property.

Q: Do I have access to the owner of Purple Porch Properties, Inc?

A: Absolutely! My cell phone number is 508-439-7068 and my email is I’m very responsive and will provide great service.

Q: Will Purple Porch Properties, Inc. list my house for whatever price I want?

A: Purple Porch Properties, Inc. will conduct a free market analysis and provide an opinion of price using local comps. Any agreement to work together will be mutual by both parties.

Q: Will Purple Porch Properties, Inc work with me to purchase a home?

A: Absolutely! We are experts in working with home buyers as well. You do not pay a fee for buyer representation- the services are provided at NO COST to you!

Q: Are you a Realtor® or a real estate agent?

A: A Realtor® of course! Purple Porch Properties, Inc. is a member of the REALTOR® Association of Central Massachusetts. We honor the Code of Ethics per the National Association of Realtors®. Simply put, our client’s interests are ALWAYS FIRST.

Q: What is “Going Purple” really all about?

A: “Going Purple” is all about having the absolute best experience selling your home while paying less. It’s just that simple! GO PURPLE. SAVE GREEN.