Hi There,

Thanks so much for your interest in working with Purple Porch Properties, Inc. We are so appreciative you took the time to check us out!

So, who the heck are we and why are we selling houses for less? Great question! My name is Matt Ezzo and I started this company with my wife Lesley. We live in Sturbridge with our family. My background is in sales and I have worked in this field professionally for over 20 years. I’ve managed people and large businesses at global companies where high-level skills in sales and negotiation were absolutely critical. I also have a lot of experience with marketing as well.

What about education you ask? Well, since you asked and it’s a bio… I received my undergrad at UMASS and my MBA in Maryland in 2005 (Where Lesley is actually from!) I’ve also done some additional course work with Harvard Business School in 2018. I’m always learning and am a big fan of education.

So, what’s with this selling for less, while still providing full service? I know it sounds crazy. I’ve worked in real estate now for several years. Started back in 2003 part time actually but got serious about it these past 5 years. That experience in this business and my educational background led me to embrace this concept. I saw an opportunity to develop a business model that would really be a win for the consumer, like yourself! It’s just that simple. We provide MORE FOR LESS.

Hey that’s great, but what happened to Lesley? Another great question! Lesley works here at Purple Porch Properties, Inc. She will be here with you every step of the way as well! She has held administrative positions at various companies over time including Bechtel in Maryland for 5 years. You’ve got multiple levels of support!

What do we do for fun you ask? It’s all about the kiddos of course! Our kids play lots of sports here in town. Vincent is 15 and plays football and basketball. Sophie is 13 and plays soccer and basketball.

If you’re still curious about anything, give us a call! Or email us anytime. Lesley and I will be happy to answer any questions. Thanks again for taking the time to visit our site. We hope you’ll give us a chance to deliver an amazing experience to you, for less…


Matt and Lesley Ezzo